Author: Dr. Bács Miklós

Briefly on foreign citizens purchasing property in Hungary

Basically, with a few exceptions, such as agricultural land, non-Hungarian citizens are free to buy property in Hungary. However, the obstacles faced by nationals of different countries differ as to whether a special permit is required. Cases where no special permit is required for non-Hungarian citizens to purchase real estate. The following cases do NOT […]

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Peremptory Supervisory Board of Hungarian Companies

Hungarian company may appoint German-style Supervisory Board with strong decision-making powers.   The main role of the supervisory board is to monitor the management of the company in order to safeguard the interests of the legal person. And it must be composed of persons who are independent of the management of the company and who cannot […]

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HUNGARY | Foreign Acquisition Need Permit From The Government

As part of the economic protection package introduced by the Hungarian Government, another measure restricting the acquisition of property by foreigners in Hungarian companies appeared in the National Gazette of Hungary published on 25 May 2020. Pursuant to Government Decree No. 227/2020 (V.25.), the acquisition of ownership in strategic companies is, in certain cases, subject […]

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