Corporate tax? In addition to forints, you can also pay in euros and dollars

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The government decree was published on August 9, 2022, according to which companies can pay corporate tax in both euros and US dollars.

The payment obligation under the applicable tax law must be fulfilled in forints. This provision has been amended by the mentioned government decree; according to which the taxpayer can file a report to the Tax Authority that he fulfils his corporate tax payment obligation in US dollars or euros.

What are the other important things to know?
  1. A form must be completed by the first day of the month; preceding the first day of the tax year.
  2. The tax authority registers the statement.
  3. If we are late with the statement; the tax authority will decide in an order to refuse registration. In case of failure to file the report; a request for verification cannot be submitted.
  4. Taxpayers who start their activities during the year; can file the report at the same time as registering to the Tax Authority.
  5. If the taxpayer wants to switch from the currency included in the statement to another optional currency; he can change this until the last day of the tax year. The amendment is effective from the first day of the following tax year.

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