EUID and BRIS – new EU-wide inventory tools for business companies

The European Union has introduced two new instruments for certain types of companies that make it easier to obtain information and keep track of information at EU level for any individual in each Member State.

What is the EUID?

The EUID (European Unique Identifier), is a complex identifier code, which allows companies and their branches in other Member States to be identified easily, consisting of: country code,  company’s identification code or number and registration number. The EUID facilitates the exchange of information and communication between systems for the registration of companies.

What is BRIS?

BRIS (Business Registers Interconnection System) is based on legal obligations set out by Directive 2012/17/EU on the interconnection of business registers and the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/884 of 8 June 2015. The directive requires the establishment of an information system that interconnects the central, commercial and companies registers (also referred to as business registers) of all Member States, whereas the Regulation details the technical specifications for the system. The BRIS, for example, is important to get acquainted with cross-border company changes or to obtain easier access to information for companies registered in other Member States by market participants in certain Member States. BRIS links the central registers, trade registers and company registers of Member States of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, but does not intend to create a common central register.

Company forms currently concerned: limited liability company, joint-stock company, European public limited company and branch and trade representation established in another Member State of the European Union.

The application of the BRIS system in Hungary started on 9 July 2017, and the EUID identifier will be incorporated into the company data by automatic orders for each company.

Anyone can search for the BRIS system on the e-Justice portal ( under “Registers – European Business Registers”.

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