Family reunification with the Hungarian Golden Visa 

It is hard to believe, but still true: with one investment not just you but your family members can receive residence permit for 10 + 10 years. Previously we discussed the details of the new Hungarian Golden Visa and there were also important changes. The possibility to purchase a residential real estate and gets residence permit with this investment was postponed to next year. But there are still two investment possibilities, so it is worth checking the details of the family reunification. 

First of all, I would like to highlight that there are many important details but now we focus on the Guest Investor Residence Permit. A residence permit for the purpose of family reunification may be granted to a third-country national who is a family member of a person in possession of a residence permit (Guest Investor Residence Permit). 

Who qualifies as family member? 
  • The spouse of the third-country national or of a Hungarian national (including registered partner under Act XXIX of 2009), 
  • the minor child (including adopted and foster children) of a third-country national and his/her spouse, 
  • the dependent minor child (including adopted and foster children) of a third-country national where this third-country national has parental custody, 
  • the dependent minor child (including adopted and foster children) of the spouse of a third-country national where the spouse has parental custody, 
  • a person having and exercising parental custody of a minor Hungarian child and living in the same household with the minor. 
But there are another two groups who may get residence permit for the purpose of family: 
  • reunification dependent parent of a sponsor or his/her spouse, 
  • the sibling and ascendant family member of a sponsor or his/her spouse if he/she is unable to support him/herself due to health reasons. 
There are always the question: what are the required documents? Let see a few of them.  

Firstly, the applicants have to prove the purpose of their residence, the following documents may serve as proof: 

  • birth certificate, 
  • marriage certificate, 
  • adoption document or 
  • any other credible evidence. 

The applicants have to submit proof that their have sufficient resources. The applicant can cover costs related to his/her subsistence, accommodation, return/onward travel (i.e. exit from Hungary) and healthcare services from legally acquired income and savings. It can be a certificate from a credit institution under the applicant’s name (e.g. a bank account statement, an account statement on savings or stocks and bonds, bank balance statement), or a document on regular income issued by the employer or the tax authority, or a notarized declaration by a family member of the applicant’s undertaking to provide maintenance and care for the applicant, and a document proving his/her capacity for the care and maintenance or any other credible evidence. The proper content of these documents is of paramount importance. 

Documents must be submitted as proof that the applicant is the owner of a residential property suitable for habitation. Or they have legal title to use such a real estate.  

They also have to submit documents proving that they have health insurance. Or that they can cover the costs of such services. 

The validity period of the permit shall be determined depending on the sponsor’s residence title, so if the sponsor is a holder of a residence permit for guest investors, the validity period of the document is a maximum of 10 years, which on occasion may be extended by a maximum of 10 years.


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