AIRON TRUST Legal Disclosures

Legal Disclosures in accordance with the Trustees and Trust Companies Act 2014

Registered name:                 AIRON TRUST Fiduciary Asset Management LLC
Seat:                            Neuschloss Palace, 2nd floor, 
                                 1 Szilagyi Dezso square, Budapest, HU-1011
Company registration number:     01-09-281682
Tax registration number:         25550557-4-41
EU VAT number:                   HU17783068
License number:                  H-EN-III-288/2017
Sole member:                     AIRON Consulting Kft. (reg# 01-09-721127)
Indirect shareholder:            Eszter, Danku-Szigecsán
Telephone:                       +361 7004488
Fax:                             +361 7002288

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