Arrange (re)financing

After establishing the optimal financing structure, we give hand in facilitating the successful completion of raising capital, or in case of distressed companies, renegotiate their debts with lenders and creditors.

Our service covers the whole process from the preparation of the transaction to disbursement: we prepare the information memorandum, the financial model, contact banks and potential investors – by taking advantage of our long-term relationship with financial institutions, private equity and venture capital investors active in Hungary –, evaluate and compare offers and participate in all important negotiations in order to achieve the most favourable contractual terms and conditions.

To arrange financing is a complex, time-consuming process, but the raised capital makes  growth- and acquisition strategy possible, will help dissolve companies survive and drive back to a stable financial and liquidity path, and even lower the cost of capital. Our services cover:

  • Preparation of business plan and financial model, calculation and analysis of financial indicators (in accordance with the formal and content requirements of the banks/capital investors)
  • Preparation of the credit request, information memorandum
  • Contact the competent representatives of banks, private and venture capital investors in a professional manner
  • Complex evaluation of incoming offers in terms of pricing, required guarantees and other related financial, operational, market aspects, make a proposal for the most favourable financing partner ensuring the interest of our client to the greatest extent
  • Participation in, and direction all important meetings throughout the transaction – with special focus on negotiating the offer (Term Sheet) and the legal documentation –, relieving you of constantly managing the process.