Bank and payment account opening

We assit you to open bank account with banks in Hungary which offer a full range of online banking services, all of them with internet banking and debit cards which will allow you to have quick and easy access to your funds almost anywhere.

REMOTE BANK ACCOUNT OPENING – we are able to open bank accounts in HUF/EUR/USD/GBP/RUB with payment service provider (PSP) company in Hungary for domestic and foreign entites as well. The PSP provides only bank account management service, act as a transactional bank. The PSP is the full member of the SWIFT and GIRO (Hungarian payment system), therefore provides IBAN for all currencies. Their internet bank has full funcionality in  English, German and Hungarian, the accounts can be managed fully remotly and they use SMS for payment authorization. The bank acocunts of PSP registered in Hungary can be used by resident and non-resident companies and private clients as well. We are able to open the bank account along with the company registration process as well.

List of documents required to open bank account for your hungarian company:

  • The bank application forms – provided only by the banks – completed and signed;
  • The scanned certified copy of the corporate documents;
  • Certificate of Good Standing/Incumbency with Apostille or similar certificate issued within 30 days
  • Identification: notarized copy of passport, original address proof of the signatories, business CV, original bank reference letter;
  • License if the activity of the company is regulated;
  • Domestic of foreign mobile number for the SMS codes of the netbank and email address.

The banks in Hungary will not open accounts for companies involved in the following types of business, only if the company is licensed by its regulatory body:

1. Businesses that offer alternative payment systems,

2. Businesses which should be licensed according to international standards, but are not, such as:

  • Broker Dealers
  • Mutual and Hedge Funds
  • Trusts
  • Security Exchanges
  • Insurance companies and brokers
  • Banks
  • Online casinos

3. Businesses which intend to raise funds or capital from the public, sell unregistered securities or MLM Programs.

Please note that in accordance with the anti-money laundering rules, the banks in Hungary have to identify their clients and their beneficial owners as well according to the EU standards. In accordance with the banks’ general rules the clients have to visit the branch of the bank to open the bank account. There is only few bank and payment service provider in Hungary who provide bank and payment account opening service without personal appearance of the managing directors.