Company sales

Our extensive, deep industry knowledge and far-reaching network within private and venture capital investor groups, help our clients to carry out successful sale transactions and maximize sales price with minimal disruption to the ongoing business.

The range of services we offer goes significantly beyond the job of a simple agent between the seller and the buyer: we support our clients throughout the whole process from the emergence of the idea until the closing of the deal.

After performing an in-depth analysis of the company addressed by the sale, we create professional documents and presentations that comprehensively present the investment opportunity, search and connect potential buyers and help to create the most favourable terms and conditions throughout the negotiation phase. Our services include:

  • Carry out an in-depth analysis of the company’s operation based on management interviews, industry analyses and financial information on the target company as well as its competitors
  • Value proposition: we identify the key factors and competitive advantages determining the value of the company as well as develop a clear business strategy and investment story that can be easily communicated to potential investors
  • Company valuation (Valuation and financial modelling)
  • Preparation of the information memorandum and other professional documents, presentations, introducing and promoting the investment opportunity
  • Identify and contact potential financial investors (venture capital investors, private equity funds, wealthy private individuals) and strategic buyers, by mobilizing our long-term relationships and broad network on this market
  • Coordinate the bidding process: requesting and evaluating incoming bids, addressing the most favourable buyer that would maximize the shareholder value of our client
  • Representing our clients in the price negotiation: participate in, and direct all the negotiations with the buyer and its advisors, relieving you of constantly managing the process and letting you run the current business.