Debt and equity structuring

We support companies in fast-track value creation by forming their capital and financing strategy.

Developing an optimal financing structure and optimizing capital efficiency are both prerequisites for maximizing shareholder value and organic growth. Our professional background with 15+ years of experience on the banking and investment side, provides a comprehensive and integrated array of advices: helps determine what type of financing should be raised, in what amount, and in case of capital investment, at what share price.

Companies, depending on their stages of life, maturity, financial status and goals, require different types of financing. We offer our clients personalized services in the followings:

  • Developing a financing strategy: How to maximize ownership value in case of your company?
  • Identifying opportunities: What is the amount and type of financing to be considered? Credit or capital? A short term working capital-, a long term investment-, or a structured project finance loan? Potentially venture capital or private equity? Based on the specific features of your company, we assess the possible options.
  • Evaluation, proposal: following an in-depth understanding of the company’s characteristics and strategic objectives, we help to determine the most appropriate financing structure.