For statutory purposes a company or branch of foreign companies in Hungary requires an official business address. All official correspondence (also) of governmental bodies is sent to this address. We provides a business address for your company with dedicated phone and fax, email, office, meeting rooms and archive facilities in Budapest.

From this address, the company is controlled by your  director, board meetings are held and board resolutions issued. Also all communication with  members, shareholders and affiliated companies takes place from the company’s official business address in Hungary. In addition the corporate records and official documents are kept here as well in both hard copy and electronically.

Budapest is with over 2,000,000 inhabitants the  largest city in Hungary and its capital city as well. Due to the vast number of  companies which are located here, Budapest is the industrial and economical center of Hungary. With excellent connections by car or public transportation and its own international airport, Budapest is a logical location for your Hungarian or Central East European subsidiary.

Airon is fullfil the requirements of the relevant laws to use its company address to provide domicile to its clients. Our domiciliation services include:

  • providing your company with an registered address
  • maintaining corporate records of your company such as the financial administration, financial reports, shareholders register, board minutes etc.
  • processing and forwarding mail
  • arranging for a local office space, meeting rooms, local staff, office equipment and office infrastructure (e.g. internet connection, telephone connection, fax line)