Employment of foreigners in Hungary

Embark on a seamless employment journey with our Residence Permit for the Purpose of Employment, catering to highly qualified professionals under the prestigious Hungarian Card. For highly qualified individuals, this permit opens doors to a three-year stay, extendable for another three years, providing unparalleled flexibility. Unlike the limitations faced by guest workers, highly qualified professionals enjoy the added benefit of family reunification. Join us in Hungary, where expertise is not only recognized but also celebrated, creating a thriving environment for professional growth and personal fulfillment.

Residence Permit for the Purpose of Employment
The law makes a distinction between the immigration rules for low-skilled “guest workers” and high-skilled people. The situation of third-country nationals with a degree who wish to work in a highly skilled job with a Hungarian work contract will remain essentially unchanged by the new rules, but the permit has a new name, the Hungarian Card. Guest workers are allowed to work in Hungary under stricter conditions and can only come if there are no Hungarian workers available to fill the job.

Low-skilled persons

The new permits available to guest workers have in common that

  • entitle the holder to stay for up to three years at a time (2+1),
  • family members cannot join them,
  • are not entitled to apply for a permit under any other title in Hungary and
  • is not entitled to apply for a National Residence Card (formerly: permanent residence permit),
  • the employer must arrange for the guest worker’s departure within six days of the expiry of the permit (if not, penalty is HUF 5 million).

In addition, the government may also introduce a quota on the number of licenses that can be issued, the nationality of the applicants and the position they wish to hold.

In 2024, the government will cap the maximum number of guest worker residence permits and residence permits for employment purposes at 65,000 (only 39,000 permits were issued in 2023) and has defined the 300 occupations in which third-country nationals cannot be employed with a guest worker residence permit.

Highly qualified people

For highly qualified third-country nationals, the proposal introduces the Hungarian Card in addition to the permits based on EU regulations (e.g. EU Blue Card, ICT permit). Foreign workers with higher professional qualifications are entitled to this type of permit, which is valid for a maximum period of three years, with the possibility of an occasional extension of three years. Family members can join them (family reunification).


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