Intercompany Expats in Hungary

Facilitate seamless international business operations with our Residence Permit for Intra-corporate Transfer and Long-term Mobility. Transfer key personnel to your Hungarian subsidiary or branch-office for up to three years (senior officials and experts) or one year (trainees), all while maintaining employment and salary through their home country’s registered employer. Streamline your global workforce with evidence of your Hungarian and non-EU entity’s cohesive corporate connection. Elevate your corporate mobility effortlessly.

Residence Permit for the Purpose of Intra-corporate Transfer and Permit for Long-term Mobility

If an international company has a subsidiary or a branch-office in Hungary, employees may be transferred to the local company. Period of validity of the residence permit issued for the purpose of intra-corporate transfer to a managerial position up to three years for senior officials and experts and up to one year for trainees.

The employees continue to be employed and paid by the employer registered in their home country. The employer have to provide evidence that the host (Hungarian) entity and the company established in a third country (for example: Chinese) belong to the same company or group of companies, but the latest one must be established out of the European Union.


With our experts from the field of law, accounting, taxation, we can provide a full range of services and support in connection with the purpose of business immigration. If you are interested in one of the mentioned types let us know and after the meeting, we will send you a well-detailed and updated quotation.