Startup consulting and advisory services

Startup businesses are rich in opportunities and potential, but at the same time, they are also fraught with high-stakes risks. 95% of ambitious, talented early-stage companies fail within the first years of their operation. We support new ventures with cutting-edge idea or technology to belong to the successful 5% and to become substantial international players.

Our expert helps entrepreneurs cut through the complexity of market entry by building up and executing the right growth strategy as well as the proper sales- and marketing plan. Since the growth and scale-ups require financing, we also give hand in facilitating the successful completion of raising capital from venture capital and private equity funds. Our personalized services cover the followings:

  • Develop and execute a tailor-made go to market and growth strategy, a viable and competitive business model
  • Identify the competitive advantages and unique selling points of the startup
  • Carry out an in-depth analysis of the market and the competitors
  • Prepare a detailed financial plan and company valuation
  • Prepare the presentation (pitch deck) and teaser document to the investors
  • Contact local and foreign private and venture capital funds in a professional manner
  • Evaluate the incoming offers in terms of pricing and other related financial, operational, market aspects, make a proposal for the most favorable equity partner ensuring the interest of our client to the greatest extent
  • Participate in all important meetings throughout the fundraising process, with special focus on negotiating the offer and legal documentation, relieving the entrepreneur of this complex and time-consuming process.