Corporate Finance

Our expert’s professional background and market experience on the banking and investment side guarantee a comprehensive and integrated array of corporate finance services we provide. Given the difficult business conditions of recent times, our aim is to support companies in achieving their strategic goals, whether it is raising fresh capital, restructuring financing of their distressed businesses, or identifying potential risk exposures and upside opportunities in certain transactions.

AIRON’s professional has 15+ years of experience as an executive banker, specialized on SME and large corporates, local and international corporate lending and project finance transactions. In the last years, as a senior investment manager at one of the biggest venture capital investment company in East-Central Europe, she arranged equity financing for pre-seed and seed staged companies and helped numerous cutting-edge ideas and companies to succeed, thus contributing to a developing start-up ecosystem in Hungary. Our adviser also has long-term and strategic relationship with financial institutions as well as private equity and venture capital investors active in Hungary and knows their decision-making procedure and assessment criteria.

Debt and equity structuring

We support companies in fast-track value creation by forming their capital and financing strategy.

Developing an optimal financing structure and optimizing capital efficiency are both prerequisites for maximizing shareholder value and organic growth. Our professional background with 15+ years of experience on the banking and investment side, provides a comprehensive and integrated array of advices: helps determine what type of financing should be raised, in what amount, and in case of capital investment, at what share price.

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Arrange (re)financing

After establishing the optimal financing structure, we give hand in facilitating the successful completion of raising capital, or in case of distressed companies, renegotiate their debts with lenders and creditors.

Our service covers the whole process from the preparation of the transaction to disbursement: we prepare the information memorandum, the financial model, contact banks and potential investors – by taking advantage of our long-term relationship with financial institutions, private equity and venture capital investors active in Hungary –, evaluate and compare offers and participate in all important negotiations in order to achieve the most favourable contractual terms and conditions.

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Company valuation and financial modelling

How much is the company worth? How much should the investor pay for it? Which variables influence the value of the company? There are a number of similar questions that may arise when buying or selling a company and involving external financial partner, since the value of the company is a key issue for all parties.

We carry out company valuations according to international standards.

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Company acquisitions

We help our corporate clients confidently navigate the complexities of buying a business. Our expert offers hands-on assistance in identifying potential target companies and after specifying it, analyses the target’s operations, current financial position, determines the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of the business, identifies the synergies that can be exploited and reaches an agreement with the best possible conditions to the buyer.

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Company sales

Our extensive, deep industry knowledge and far-reaching network within private and venture capital investor groups, help our clients to carry out successful sale transactions and maximize sales price with minimal disruption to the ongoing business.

The range of services we offer goes significantly beyond the job of a simple agent between the seller and the buyer: we support our clients throughout the whole process from the emergence of the idea until the closing of the deal.

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Transaction Advisory Service

We support our clients in performing and coordinating any work phase of complex corporate financial transactions described above. Given the difficult business conditions of recent times, acting as a transaction project manager, our aim is that our clients achieve their strategic goals, whether it is raising fresh capital, restructure financing of their distressed companies to rescue business, or identify potential risk exposures and upside opportunities in certain transactions.

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Startup consulting and advisory services

Startup businesses are rich in opportunities and potential, but at the same time, they are also fraught with high-stakes risks. 95% of ambitious, talented early-stage companies fail within the first years of their operation. We support new ventures with cutting-edge idea or technology to belong to the successful 5% and to become substantial international players.

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