Travel Restrictons To Hungary

Current entry rules/restrictions

Due to the coronavirus infection, the government classifies the countries of the world into three categories (green, yellow, red), announced the Minister of Prime Minister’s Office Gergely Gulyás. Based on the current infection status with COVID-19, countries if

  • a) the current level of infection is low, green,
  • b) the current level of infection is less severe, yellow,
  • c) the current level of infection is severe, red

are marked with.

The official, exact list can be found here.

Countries in the green category: all countries that are not included in the yellow and red categories.

Countries in the yellow category: Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Norway, Russian Federation, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Japan, China, USA.

Countries in the red category: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Kosovo, North-Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Ukraine, all asian countries except China and Japan, all African countries, all American countries except USA and the whole of Australia and Oceania.

Entry of Hungarian citizens, instruction to avoid the quarantine.

Those who coming from “yellow or red” countries will have a health check at the border, which, if they confirm the suspicion of infection, will have to be quarantined. From “yellow countries”, Hungarian citizens can be released from the two-week quarantine after the first negative test, and from “red” after two negative tests. From 1 st of August, if someone comes home from a country in the yellow or red category, the cost of testing will have to be borne by them if they do not want to go into two-week quarantine. Epidemiological surveillance is not required if the Hungarian citizen has performed two tests within 5 days prior to entering Hungary, at least 48 hours apart.

You can enter the territory of Hungary without any restrictions from the territory of the country marked with a green colour.

Entry of foreign citizens

Non-Hungarian citizens arriving from abroad may not enter the territory of Hungary from the country marked with red colour.

Non-Hungarian citizen arriving from abroad undergoes a health check upon entering the territory of a country marked with a yellow colour, which you obliged to tolerate. If the medical examination reveals a suspicion of infection, you cannot enter the territory of Hungary. If no infection is suspected, you shall be placed in quarantine for 14 days by the epidemiological authority or, if possible and without risk of epidemiology, in official home quarantine.

A non-Hungarian citizen arriving from abroad may enter the territory of Hungary without restriction from the territory of a country marked with a green colour.

We wish you good health! Take care of yourself and each other!